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an innovation developed for electric shipping
Comparison of different electric crafts based on relevant aspects
Choose from the following aspects of comparison! *
Selected aspect

Traditional ships

retrofitted with an electric motor


Relatively short approx. 2-3 hours range at the enjoyable 8-9 km / h

Cause: Highly undercut nose developed for gliding, the stern dives deep into the water.


Therefore, power consumption is high at low speeds .

Stickl electric boats


Safe range of 6-8 hours, up to 50-100 km

Reason: In terms of its underwater construction, it is based on proven electric motorboats with further development.

Electric motor boats

with proven half-glider hull


6-8 hours, up to 50-100 km

Cause: Low resistance due to long waterline and lower weight.

* The above description, of course, seeks to present only the most important elements in the most understandable style possible. This comparative table is based on our own measurements and is based on the arbitrary selection of 3 test subjects. It is not our intention to draw any negative generalizations, especially given that there are innumerable variations of all 3 hull shapes. Our goal is to draw attention to the specialty of electric shipping and to make those interested think, as well as to encourage them to consider and test the possible alternatives before buying, taking into account as many aspects as possible.

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