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What you need to know about Stickl Yachts

What are we doing?

Dedicated, many say fanatical electric boat developers and manufacturers. We try to combine state-of-the-art technology with as many imaginative solutions as possible to increase comfort on a daily basis. In the pursuit of perfection, we have also introduced many solutions that are unusual in the industry in shipbuilding.

Since when?

We have been dealing with ships since 2004, and we have been developing electric ships since 2008. In 2012, we introduced the all-new, self-developed E-volution electric boat.

How did it begin?

At first, we dealt with the conversion of sailboats with electric propulsion (in addition to our other plant interests.) Later, in the framework of a cooperation, we built electric motors and then made electric boats in 3 sizes by converting motor boats. In connection with the installation of the engines, we had the opportunity to thoroughly test dozens of watercraft converted into electric boats and evaluate their performance. Seeing the test results, we were increasingly confident that assembly was not the solution to electric shipping.

What brought the breakthrough?

In 2009, we started exporting the first ships to Austria and Germany. For us, it was both a compulsion and a great market research. It is a compulsion, because at that time the Hungarian electric boat market essentially did not exist partly due to the world economic crisis and partly due to the unknown nature of electric boats. Great market research, as electric boats have been used west of us for more than 30 years. Thus, the customers there had completely different, yet lifelike expectations in the direction of the ships than those interested in Hungary. (Simply because they already have several electric boats, so they had a lot of experience) Thus, for example, they appreciated our solutions for better use of space, but lacked the electric body shape that has long been used by the manufacturers there. It was interesting, for example, that in Austria it did not even come up as a realistic alternative to mounting an electric motor on a motorized body. They were well aware that an electric boat needed a half-glide hull for stability, enjoyable speed, and usable range. But the Austrian manufacturers (e.g. the most famous: Frauscher Yachts or Boote Marian) have paired this excellent hull with a classic motor layout (which is stylish but less practical) and a price that matches the Austrian "brand". Moreover, on the smaller lakes, the low side of ships sized for smaller waves often did not provide sufficient protection even on the Chiemseen or Lake Neusiedl. From here, a straight path led to the idea of ​​developing the proven half-gliding hull in Austria, with the superstructure standing on the waves of Lake Balaton, and combining it with our experience in order to increase the use of space and the feeling of space.

A family of ships is born

This is how the E-volution 620 electric ship was born, which proved to be extremely successful in Western markets from the very beginning. However, development did not stop here. Gathering the experience, we further refined and modified the ship. In essence, it has undergone 2 large “facelifts”, but in the meantime we are constantly developing and refining it. As a result, we also increased the bath platform and developed the E-volution 660 known today. It is important that, for example, we have not only extended the bathing platform, but also increased the so-called wetted surface in the water in such a way that the boat's swimming and half-gliding properties have also improved. There were some sensible proposals that we could not implement within that ship. That’s why we developed the E-motion 600 and Excellence 820 models. Of course, development doesn’t stop here, but it’s a fact that, to our current knowledge, we don’t plan to build a larger ship.

Why and how do we develop?

Fortunately, we never feel that something could not be improved further. This constant dissatisfaction - and the rare fact that, as a manufacturer, we actually use our own ships - helps a lot to create truly uniquely sophisticated ships. From this constant pursuit of perfection, “Stickl” is a Stickl yacht.

Why don't we make more?

Unfortunately, we often face the problem that we can’t deliver a ship as quickly as our customers would like and sometimes the production deadline is even half a year. At such times, we are often asked why we do not run production? We put a lot of emphasis on trying out our boats. That's why we set up our Lake Venice site, where not only in a salon, but also from our own port, serious people can test our models in real conditions. Moreover, we insist on this, as this is the only way to determine the optimal size of the ship for our customers and to tailor the equipment. To do this, we do not regret the time. Perhaps this is also due to the extremely high level of loyalty experienced by our customers at the industry level: We are not aware that anyone has replaced their Stickl boat with any other type of electric boat. On the other hand, they want to switch from plenty of other electric or so-called electric boats to Stickl boats in 1-2 years…

After the purchase, our customers can experience the same care: At the time of the handover, there is someone from the family in person who will help you to securely fasten the boat and show you the tricks of getting out according to the location. If later any questions or problems arise we can still reach us in person. This kind of personal care would be impossible if we further increased the number of production pieces, as it would be physically breathable to serve all cases and customers. We believe that the security that comes with purchasing this product would also be compromised, so we do not want to increase capacity much further.

Where do we manufacture our boats?

Near Lake Venice, we have also set up a serious and modern factory on a European scale. Here, the development of the ships and the inspection of each piece in the test basin were also solved. Visits to this production unit are not supported due to occupational safety reasons and continuous improvements.


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