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How are our ships different?

From the raw numbers, it is often difficult to grasp how our models differ and especially which ship to recommend to whom. Many times they have been asked for advice on this, so we are now sharing our experiences.

During the distribution of the E-volution 660, which has been successful for several years, many people have wondered if there is a smaller model.

Basically our customers love the E-motion 600 for the following reasons:

  • Many times the port is so small that the E-volution does not or can only fit uncomfortably. There is simply no need for a bigger one, as the E-motion 600 is perfect for a couple or a smaller family.

  • From a material point of view, as the price of the E-motion 600 is roughly 20% cheaper, you can buy a richly equipped one for the base price of the E-volution 660. We packed most of the ideas and practical solutions into the E-motion 600, which was already a great success on the E-volume 660.

Its most important dimensions have not been reduced or only slightly reduced, so for example its cockpit is as long as that of the E-volution. We didn't reduce its overall length to less than 6m, so unlike many of its competitors, it mostly crosses the waves on Lake Balaton and doesn't start tumbling like a 5.3-5.5 m long motorcyclist.

Similarly, the development of our E-xcellence 820 flagship was generated by customer needs:

  • Many people like to sail with a large company, so the cockpit of the E-xcellence is 50% larger than that of the E-volution. Plus, we’ve hidden a myriad of unique ideas that provide comfort far beyond the category.

  • Such as e.g. on-board glass coolers that keep the drink cold even after opening, a bed that converts from a table to a sunbathing area, a bar cabinet, a container made to the size of a cutlery or even a special nasal tanner to suit the shape of the human body.

  • Due to the nature of Lake Balaton, many people visit other ports during multi-day tours. In this case, the standing height, the washbasin or wardrobe and the 2 double beds come in handy in the cabin of the E-xcellence.

  • By taking advantage of the larger half-gliding body, we achieved even higher speeds. It can even be towed by a water skier. (26 km / h with 40kW motor, 30km / h with 60 kW. Its 2.4 m wide width and low weight (thanks to special façade production) allow not only high speeds but also easy port berths and road transport.

As can be seen from the above, the difference between E-moiton and E-volution is practically one category, while between E-volution and E-xcellence it is 2 categories.

E-motion is recommended for those who usually sail with a partner or a smaller family and only use the boat less often with a large company. In our experience, it is also an excellent choice for our dear customers who, for whatever reason, have previously considered buying a boat with an electric motor, but want to invest in something much more demanding, enjoyable and, last but not least, more valuable. And the E-volution is already recommended for larger companies or those planning large trips, as 6-7 people on board can comfortably relax in the long run and the boat can smooth out larger waves.

The E-spirit is a gap-filling model in the Stickl Yachts range. It is made with a vacuum infusion technique such as E-xcellence, so despite its conspicuous width, its resistance is low. Thus, its stability and the size of the cockpit evoke our flagship, while its handling and sporty experience are close to the E-volution. Recommended for anyone who likes the big-boat experience the E-xcellence offers, but doesn’t need the size of a cabin that provides several days of hiking. The E-xcellence 820 is truly the Tesla of electric boats. It offers a size and comfort that makes it possible to take more serious hikes. However, it also embarrasses smaller electric bikers with speed bumps. There is currently no such boat in Europe that can do both at once: a cabin boat above 8m that can be glided and even water-skied.




ÉRDEKELNEK a Stickl Yachts

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