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The exceptional benefits of our Stickl electric boats

We believe that a professional electric boat works perfectly if all its components fit together well and function as a unit. That’s why we offer complete systems tested from design to final tests, rather than engine bodies deprived of their high-performance gasoline engines, with a prefabricated electric motor and batteries clamped in place of the tank.

Shape Our electric boats are designed to be easy to drive without any special practice. Our reduced rolling resistance half-slip models developed for special needs have the common advantages over traditional constructions: - They hold the direction extremely well and turn almost in place, so maneuvering in crowded ports is easy with little practice. - Due to the body length of at least 6 m, the blade-sharp nose, the flat bottom design and the batteries placed deep, you can hike on stormy Lake Balaton with less engine power without any problems. - Thanks to the half-gliding body shape, they offer a speedboat experience with more powerful engines.

We install engines which were developed and proven exclusively for electric boats Never experienced such power in an electric boat! The thrust is double that of petrol engines of this size, so the acceleration is really fantastic. In addition, our ships are capable of speeds that are not feasible with other constructions in our protected waters. Assuming the worst case scenario for the batteries, the basic battery pack is not really able to run for more than 30 minutes at maximum throttle, but it can still sail for 1-2 hours with the remaining energy at normal speed. This is one of the keys to inexhaustible security!

Closed, maintenance-free batteries You don't have to pay special attention to the batteries or the charger. Just connect it to the 220V mains and let it charge! The system takes care of itself. Advantages of our special, deep-cycle, long-life batteries: - It is extraordinary, up to 20% depleted among closed cell batteries, ie at least 10% more of a given energy can be used with impunity than other batteries. This provides increased range in all speed ranges. - 650 cycles for deep discharge (up to 20% discharge) are guaranteed by the factory. Based on practical experience, this ability is not needed every day (though it sometimes comes in very handy) so the lifespan can be put at 800-1,000 cycles.

Japanese Lithium batteries with German warranty

There is also a growing demand for Lithium versions. At the same time - as with acid batteries - there are many types and qualities of lithium on the market ... We use the well-proven "round cell" technology used in the most famous electric cars. The main advantages of this technology are low weight and high power output. It’s no secret that our electric boats can use these systems to make the most of their capabilities. Long-term gliding or high-speed hiking above 20 km / h? It only works for you! And the quality is guaranteed by the work of Japanese cell manufacturing and German assembly engineers. A serious argument in favor of the system is also the 4-year warranty and the real life of more than 10 years.

Thoughtful design

When creating our ships, from design to testing of finished ships, the primary goal was to ensure a guaranteed high level of user experience.

We started from the premise that what is needed for the special needs of electric shipping is that the mediocrity and application problems cannot occur even in traces. We admit, we really enjoyed being able to give ourselves a free hand and that our creations provide the opportunity for informal freedom, a shared experience and an unforgettable adventure. Thus, we have provided our models with a lot of unique imaginative solutions. Examples include an asymmetrical cabin, a comfortable walk-through to the nasal sun lounger, a spacious cockpit with a round table, or a cockpit that can be turned into a shady seating area with a drop-down table and bimini, where refreshing glasses can be refreshed from the fridge. The 3-position roll bar, the exclusive bathing platform for a near-water experience, the cup holders on hand at every point of the boat and many, many more small ideas make our boats really wavy.


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