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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Boating

In recent years, we have encountered recurring questions and misconceptions about electric shipping. That’s why we decided to collect them, helping prospective sailing companions who are just now making friends with the idea of ​​electric shipping.

Small boat or yacht?

A watercraft is (can be) considered a boat if its body length is 7m and its rated engine power does not exceed 7.5kW. For motorboats over E, a boatmaster's certificate and a small motorboat driver's examination are required. If you meet the requirements, smaller boats can also be inspected, but from then on you can only be driven by a suitably qualified person. Thus e.g. the Emotion 600 and E-volution 660 small boats can be used as boats or inspected small boats with an engine power of less than 7.5 kW.

What is the advantage of having a boat or an inspected small boat?

There are countless differences e.g. also in terms of mandatory equipment, but most importantly, a Boat can travel within a maximum distance of 1500 m from the shore, which is limited to 500 m at a level I storm signal. II. In case of a storm signal, no boat can sail on Lake Balaton. Our boats have a \ "C \" category rating, so they can be used freely on Lake Balaton, regardless of the weather.

How much does 1 charge go?

The battery is highly dependent on capacity, speed and weather conditions. Our boats are designed to last 4-5 hours for approx. This can be done at a speed of 8-9 km / h. Details of the differences between the numbers in the language tab.

What if I run out of power?

In the car, how often does it happen that you run out of fuel unexpectedly? You probably think that we see the level indicator there, while the exact battery capacity cannot be calculated from the voltage at the battery ... There is a solution for this too! We only hand over an electric boat equipped with an on-board computer that can accurately read the remaining travel time and battery percentage. If you do not pay attention to the instrument, you will also be warned in time about the decreasing capacity.

What if I brake down on the water?

Electric boats have significantly fewer moving parts than a car, so the chances of failure are much lower. We only use engines that have an emergency mode, so if something goes wrong, you can go ashore with them at reduced power. It is a fact that the use of Europe's leading engines and batteries also raises the price of the product, but we believe that our belief in quality will be confirmed in the long run.

Don't have experience yet, but are afraid of the cost?

With a good electric boat, maintenance costs are minimal. The teletank costs less than 2l of gasoline, and its maintenance is practically limited to annual algae inhibition. If you choose a transportable boat then winter storage can cost a penny.


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